About Heidi

Photography is my absolute passion. I have a great love of people - all ages, from all walks of life - and there's nothing more enjoyable then using my lens to help them to blossom. My clients often tell me that they walk out of a session feeling like a star and ten feet taller.

It takes skill and insight to see the beauty and character in every individual, to be able to enhance it and make it shine and to translate that essence - that special thing that makes them unique - into finished photography.

I've previously worked in hospitality, airline, dentistry, optometry and IT consulting, a broad professional background that allows me to empathise with the ambitions and requirements of my clients.

My well-established studio Say Heidi Photography has been operating for over 8 years, and during that time I've photographed families, children, fashion, retail products, interiors and more.


I have now launched SH Woman, a venture born out of the desire to return to what I love the most about photography - inspiring and delighting women with a revitalised vision and gorgeous imagery of themselves. 

I especially love that women of all ages have embraced the SH woman brand - so far my oldest client was 91 years old (and gorgeous).  Another one of my clients - she was 55yo and celebrating that age - drove 2.5hrs each way to my studio for her session.  She said she could not find anyone else in Victoria featuring beautiful portraits of women over 45. 

 ~ Heidi